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trength & Honour’s 3D battle mode allows you to take the commander’s seat in a large-scale tactical battlefield simulation in real time. But it’s not just a matter of numbers or specialized units—you must think strategically in order to outsmart your enemy and lead the troops to victory.
ealistic Formations.

• 26 army formations over 8 civilizations

• Customize and save your own formations for campaign use

• Divisional level formations allowing fine tuning for the most demanding situations

etailed Unit Reactions within the Chain-Of-Command.

• Losing a unit will affect their battalion’s morale first and then, through the chain of command, their division and even the whole army.

• Losing a commander will cut off the command chain and affect every unit.

• Units behave through individual, battalion, division, and army level commands. (User only controls division and army level commands)

• Cut down the enemy's flags to destroy communication and demoralize the whole army.

etachments for Outflanking or Ambushing.

• Split divisions in your army and create a strike detachment to surprise the enemy by outflanking their rear

• Hide cavalry behind the field and ambush the enemy with the bait of your HQ

• Send delay detachments to slow down enemy detachments

ore than 50 types of Units across Eight Civilizations.

• Includes Chinese crossbow men and Indian elephant units

• Most units have their own fighting abilities and behaviours

• Detailed unit animations walking, approaching, charging, and fighting

ealistic Weather and Terrains.

• Seasonal terrain for spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

• Fog, rain, and snow to affect units’ visibility, fatigue and movements.

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