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Biplane Commander

In Biplane Commander take to the skies with your wingman and face off against waves of enemy fighter planes in dogfights similar to the air battles of WWI. Use line drawing to control your plane and show the enemy the power of your machine guns!

Released: Dec-09-2015 / Discontinued

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Toys To Go

Christmas is coming and Santa needs your help to get ready for his big journey! Help Santa by placing presents into his sleigh. Simply tap to revel a present and drag and drop to place it. Watch out! Precarious piles can topple over! Can you make Santa happy?

Released: Dec-18-2014 / Discontinued

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Soccer To Go

Soccer is at your fingertips at any time! Grab a friend and get ready to compete on the soccer field. Use your finger to "kick" the ball and score points against your opponent. No matter the weather or the time, the field is always open!

Released: Dec-11-2014 / Discontinued

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Balloons To Go

Challenge up to four friends on your device to a balloon popping showdown! Pop balloons as fast as you can. Pop as many balloons as you can before time runs out in 1-Player mode. Get ready to party!

Released: Dec-09-2014 / Discontinued

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Pocket Snow Globe

The beauty and serenity of the holidays are always on hand through Pocket Snow Globe. Design your own Christmas village as you enjoy gorgeous renditions of popular Christmas music.

Released: Nov-22-2013 / Discontinued

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Halloween Pumpkin House

Enjoy Halloween all year round. Transform a quiet neighbourhood house using jack-o'-lanterns, lights, tombstones and skeletons. Experience the sights and sounds of the season!

Released: Oct-28-2013 / Discontinued

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Ship Inside A Bottle

Travel the seas and experience the beauty of the ocean by viewing your very own ship in a bottle. With multiple ships to choose from and dynamic weather, it's a thrilling journey!

Released: Jun-06-2013 / Discontinued

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Skim Notes

Scribbling a quick note is simple and easy with Skim Notes. Tap a note and use your fingertips as a pencil to create quick drawings and reminders. Stick your note on the handy bulletin board to quickly glance at your notes while on the go.

Released: May-17-2013 / Discontinued

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Put Notes

Put Notes is your own personal bulletin board. Write up notes and reminders with the keyboard and place them on the board to visually put them in your memory. With an assortment of fun backgrounds, collecting your thoughts on the go is a snap!

Released: May-16-2013 / Discontinued

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Sango Lite

Relive the action and drama of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era in this RPG strategy war game. Battle to unite the Kingdoms!

Released: Apr-19-2013 / Discontinued

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Strength & Honour Lite

War is on the horizon! Choose your civilization and battle the surrounding nations to unite the known world.

Released: Dec-08-2012 / Discontinued

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Samurai Archer Defence

Prepare to face wave after wave of enemy samurai as you battle to protect your clan's flags and stop the invaders. Control your units and provide backup using a bow and arrow at your fingertips!

Released: July-31-2012 / Discontinued

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Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is at your fingertips! Enjoy your favourite flavour any time with this entertainment app. Click to "drink" the tea and "eat" the tapioca pearls. It's all the fun of Bubble Tea without all the calories and sugar!

Released: Dec-22-2011 / Discontinued

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Flak 88

Take the gunner's seat and prepare to enter the battlefields of WWII. Fight as either the Allies or the Axis powers and shoot enemy tanks, armoured cars and supply trucks to claim victory.

Released: Dec-15-2011 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 244

WWI - Sky Commander

Protect the skies as you fly a WWI fighter plane and protect a British base and its infantrymen from German planes, tanks and ground troops in a series of missions. Bomb targets, perform reconnaissance and ultimately take over the German base!

Released: Oct-12-2011 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 283

Yamato - Final Assault

Relive the history of the infamous Operation Ten-Go in which a Japanese fleet including the Battleship Yamato were sent to engage the American forces controlling Okinawa in two thrilling campaigns.

Released: Jun-24-2011 / Discontinued

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Galaxy Glider

Take a trip through the cosmos passing new worlds and dodging asteroids and black holes along the way all while you listen to your own playlist of music.

Released: Jun-28-2011 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 304

1942 Pacific Commander

Pilot an American F6F-3 Hellcat in the heat of WWII as you defend American naval fleets in the Pacific theatre from the forces of Imperial Japan.

Released: Feb-21-2011 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 311

Pyro Maestro

Conduct a symphony in the sky as you dazzle onlookers by matching your timing to the rhythm of classical music pieces to successfully detonate firework chargers. Wow the crowd with your skills to win!

Released: Dec-10-2010 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 318

Roll, Pumpkin, Roll!

In this Halloween adventure, you must guide a jack-o’-lantern across a spooky town as it rolls its way towards home. Watch out for ghosts, spiders and bats and collect candles to stay alive during the trip.

Released: Sept-30-2010 / Discontinued

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Firewords - Firewords

Dazzle the digital skies using pre-set firework shapes, symbols and letters to share firework messages over beautiful backdrops. With Firewords, the sky is the limit!

Released: Aug-31-2010 / Discontinued

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Tap And Catch

Stop burglars in their tracks as you track their movements through windows of buildings in order to catch them. With quick taps turn the lights on in rooms and catch the crooks as they try to escape with the loot!

Released: June-7-2010 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 339

Pet Tortoise

Care for baby tortoises by feeding and interacting with them and watch them grow slowly day by day. Take a moment out of your day to relax while viewing your calming digital backyard sanctuary.

Released: Apr-29-2010 / Discontinued

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Tank Cavalry

Take command of a tank platoon during WWII. Go head to head with a variety of enemy tanks in two campaigns. Play as the Allied forces or as the Germans to immerse yourself in the history of tank warfare.

Released: Feb-22-2010 / Discontinued

Stacks Image 353

U-Boat Commander

Control a U-Boat in the midst of WWII. Destroy enemy naval fleets before they move out of range and dodge depth chargers launched by destroyers in an underwater battle mode.

Released: Aug-13-2009 / Discontinued