orld mode: our world mode is intertwined with battle mode, allowing players to add cities they’ve conquered to their nation. In world mode players can expand their cities by creating trade treaties and supply lines, building libraries or arenas, initiating assassinations, and much more. Players must also manage city finances and keep citizens happy.
ine Grid Army Deployment.

• Create armies and move them freely on the map with terrain effects

• Build navies to secure your sea routes

• Fortify armies at critical points to block enemy invasions

anage Cities with Buildings and Budgets.

• Build arenas to entertain citizens

• Build libraries to discover new philosophies and attract immigrants by expanding your culture

• Assign budgets to ensure balanced production

ersonnel management with Central and Provincial Government Structures.

• Assign an honourable and skillful character to be your prime minister and assist you in running the empire

• Assign productive characters as governors to ensure you receive your tax income

• Assign your best leaders to be generals in your army, and lead your forces to victory

olitics between Supporters and Opposers among your Empire.

• Endorse new philosophies to gain the loyalty and support of your citizens

• Corrupt the opposing party’s leader to reduce the whole party’s influential power

• Assassinate those who strongly oppose you, and keep a tight reign on other governors

se Diplomacy Against or to Balance the Super Powers.

• Sign trade treaties with other nations to increase your sources of income

• Sign political treaties to increase goodwill and friendship between nations

• Sign military treaties to form alliances with friendly nations

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