Story-Nagashino (2.48MB Gif)
0002 -1280x1024 225K
Deployment Screen
0003 -976x782 138K
Deployment Screen
0001 -976x855 117K
Historical Battle Dialog
0006 -1180x780 229K
0004 -976x782 213K
Two armies engaging in battle
0005 -1280x1024 177K
Drifting fog sets the mood
0007 -800x600 142K
The Command Menu
0008 -800x600 162K
Checking the feelings of the men
0009 -1280x1024 244K
Knock down the enemy flags to demoralize their troops
0010 -976x780 98K
Keeping Score
0013 - 1279x900 278K
A foggy day
0011 - 1279x900 278K
A desperate retreat
0012 -1290x900 278K
Castle Attack
0014 - 1279x900 111K
A battle at night