World Map features


Build facilities around your city to receive production benefits.

  • A Barrack adds 200 Spearmen per turn.
  • An Armory adds 100 Swordsmen per turn.
  • A Lumbermill adds 200 Archers per turn.
  • A Stable adds 50 Cavalry per turn.
  • A Farm adds 200 supplies per turn.
  • A Market increases the maximum supply capacity by 500.
  • An Inn increases the maximum number of Spearmen by 200.
  • A Library speeds up Tech Tree research.


A Village increases the supply of a visiting army.

Supply sources

  • If an army lacks supplies, the soldiers will begin to desert the army.
  • Every army on the map has a supply line coming from its home city.
  • As an army moves further away from its home city, its supply line becomes weaker.
  • If an army is too far away from its home city, it will need to regain supplies from a different source. A village or friendly city provides supplies to a visiting army, which gives them strategic value.
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