Palace features


Use an Emissary to :

  • Act as a Diplomat/Messenger — Propose treaties, request a nation to ally or declare war on another, or request a joint attack.
  • Act as a Spy — Spy on a foreign city and collect vital information.
  • Sabotage a castle — Burn down enemy gates so that your deployments can enter, or spread rumours to shake the city's loyalty.
  • Trick an army — Delay an enemy army to buy time for your deployments, spread false news to prevent it from receiving reinforcements, or burn its supplies.
  • Act as a Corruptor — Corrupt a foreign governor to shake his/her loyalty to their ruler, or corrupt a foreign ruler to lower his/her popularity.

Emissary action


  • Marriages can be used to form a truce between two nations.
  • A marriage between two nations increases friendliness if the two nations are allied, but increases hostility if the two nations are at war.


Special Items

Give a Special Item to one of your generals to add stat bonuses or get them to learn a special ability.

Weapon Book Weapon Horse Weapon

Tech Tree

Choose from 3 unique forces—Sky (天), Earth (地), and People (人)—to upgrade your nation, each with its unique upgrades and abilities.

  1. Sky (天) focuses on the power of the people’s support, and grants upgrades like the increase of maximum soldier capacity.
  2. Earth (地) focuses on the power of technology, and grants upgrades like the increased production of supplies and the discovery of using boiling oil for castle defense.
  3. People (人) focuses on the power of an individual’s strength, and grants upgrades like an improved war drum (increases morale) and improved skills.
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