Battle features

Effective unit types

  • Spearmen can defend by forming a wall, but can be attacked from the side or behind.
  • Swordsmen are good for melees but weak against cavalry.
  • Archers are very effective in castle battles.
  • Cavalry can penetrate the enemy but need a distance to charge.

Famous, Historical Battle Formations

  • Battle formations are from Sun Tzu and Wu Tzu’s ancient military doctrines.
  • Players lay out their armies head-to-head against each other in most battles.
  • The objective is to capture the enemy’s flag or eliminate its forces.

Realistic Weather System

Attackers can choose the attack times of either Dawn, Morning, or Afternoon.  Different attack times in different seasons have different probabilities of rain and fog.


  • Rain / Snow
    • Decreases visibility and reduces archers’ accuracy
    • Rain makes it difficult to start fires
  • Fog
    • Decreases visibility and reduces archers’ accuracy
    • Helps small armies make surprise attacks

Epic Battle Scenes

  • Players control large numbers of units under chain-of-command fighting.
  • The soldiers’ morale depends on the skills and morale of their superior.
  • The death of a leader causes the fighters under his command to lose morale.

Realistic 3D battle terrains

  • Players can rotate the camera angle from low to relatively high, and watch the battle from a distance or up close.
  • River and trees will slow down units.
  • Hills affect unit speed when climbing or descending.
  • Wind can blow fire in different directions.


Castle Battles

  • Historical Chinese castles
  • Soldiers climb ladders and fall from walls
  • Defenders can pour boiling oil on to their attackers

Level Up System

  • After each battle, each general will gain level points based on his or her battle performance.
  • Level points can be used to increase the character’s combat, intelligence, or leadership ability.
  • Throughout the campaign, generals will record their performance and the number of enemy generals that they kill.

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