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  • Direct sales for this title have concluded.
  • Takeda 3 is available for purchase as a digital download on GamersGate. Click here to view the product page.


    Special Offer for previous customers:

    • If you purchased Takeda 2 (English) within the past 6 months after September 1, 2008, you are eligible to receive a free copy of Takeda 3 (English).
    • Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you qualify for this special offer.
  • (A localized version of the game is available from our publishing partner in Russia.)


    Takeda 3 is the latest in the Takeda series of games, based on the life and times of famous 16th century Samurai Lord, Takeda Shingen.  In Takeda 3, you take command of the powerful Daimyo (feudal lord) of one of 25 historical clans of feudal Japan; engaging in diplomacy, managing your castles and territory, and commanding your armies in combat.

    Takeda 3 has two main modes.  The first is the turn-based world mode, where diplomatic and strategic operations happen.  From world mode, you can click on a castle to construct new facilities such as barracks, markets, and farms.  You can also create armies and send them out to do battle.  From the palace screen, you can propose and break alliances with the other clans of Sengoku Japan.  You can also send your ninjas out on secret missions to disrupt or assassinate your enemies.

    The second mode is the real-time battle mode.  Whenever two armies meet in world mode, you will have the option of playing out the encounter on a real-time, 3D battlefield, complete with terrain and weather effects, powerful army formations, and emotional effects like the morale and fatigue of your soldiers and the chain of command.  Before going into the battle itself, you will use a tactical screen to set up your army formation, choose the time of attack, and set up detachments to make surprise attacks on your enemy’s headquarters.  When the battle begins, you can select your divisions and send them into combat.

    With effective planning and tactics in world and battle mode, you can defend your territory, defeat your enemies, and eventually rise to the rank of Shogun—military protector of all Japan!  Welcome to Takeda 3!

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    System Requirements

    • Windows XP SP2 or above
    • 2.0 GHz processor or higher
    • 512 MB or more of RAM
    • Minimum 64 MB, 100% OpenGL 1.3 compatible video card
    • The following video cards might have compatibility issues with Magitech games: eVGA nVidia GTX 275 and some ATI Radeon cards. Please try the demo version for the video card compatibility before you purchase the game.
    • 3.0 Gigabyte of uncompressed hard disk space
    • DVD-ROM drive, mouse, keyboard.


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