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Magitech - The Company and Our Philosophy
The Company and Our Philosophy

Magitech Corporation was founded in 1993, by the company director, Ming-Sheng Lee. In the fall of 2001, Magitech released its first game title, Takeda, in the North American market. Takeda was also released in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The goal of Magitech Corporation is simple: to make good games. The goal of our employees is equally simple: to earn a living making good games.

For Magitech, a good game is one which is innovative and original, has meaning and substance, and encourages the player to think and feel something. Innovative and original games are those which involve new modes of game play, new settings, and new ideas. Substance, thought, and feeling can be achieved by creating a game setting which is dramatic, character-driven, and true to life. Characters should have virtues and vices in equal measure. Stories should have joys that mirror tragedies. Battle and combat should be realistic, and should offer something for players who prefer to use their wits as much as their chainguns.


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