Pencil Note 1.7

The latest update for Pencil Note has been submitted and awaits for Apple's approval. There're nine sport paper templates and three graph paper templates added to this new release. They are pretty handy if you need a quick drawing on how a game is played on paper.

Pencil Note 1.06

Pencil Note 1.06 has been updated for a crash but in iOS 15.

Pocket Dance 2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Pocket Dance 2. This is an app that we have been worked for over a year. It takes the backbone of Pocket Fashion which allows the user to mix and match with outfits for the character/dancer and add-on additional features in variety of dancing themes. New dancing animations has been added to create different style of dance and a handful of outfits also been hand picked to ensure the quality of the themes. For user who likes to apply lights for a still pose model, a new mannequin feature is also added so the user can pause a pose, apply mannequin skin tone, adjust lighting, and use it as art reference.


After almost two years of silence, we have released a simple memory app, Sushi Flip. Just by finding matching Paris of sushi, this app keeps you practice your memorization skills. Playing this game while you are waiting for bus, taking a lunch break, or before you go to bed. Have fun!

A New Season Brings New Features to Pocket Fashion

Pocket Fashion has been updated and Magitech is pleased to share all the exciting new additions to the app. Colour isn't everything and now you can select from over 100 material/fabric options that allow you to create even more outfit combinations. Be bold, sexy or mysterious! Materials can transform the look of any outfit and create a whole new wardrobe. We've also added 30 new animation clips to add more life to the model and some new clothing pieces and accessories to each of the downloadable in-app purchase Fashion Packs. New options put more creativity into the hands of the user. Style the model and watch her strut her stuff today! Download the app through the App Store here or click here to view the product page.

Eraser Feature Now Available in Pencil Note

Pencil Note has now been updated with an eraser feature. Toggle on the eraser in the Options screen and simply swipe over mistakes to erase them. Now you don't need to trash notes and start again, you can simply erase your mistakes. Pencil Note is a handy app for use with the Apple Pencil for the iPad/iPad Pro. Create lists and sketches and organize your thoughts through your own digital bulletin board. Download Pencil Note today! Click here to view the App in the App Store.

Take to the Stars With Vega Defender!

Spring has sprung and here at Magitech we're proud to announce the release of our newest universal app for the iPhone/iPad, Vega Defender. Become the commander of the military forces tasked with protecting a space city. Assign ships to be constructed in a series of launch bays and set them to attack the enemy's forces when the ships are ready to launch. Destroy the enemy's city before yours is destroyed in order to claim victory. Work your way through a series of missions in campaign mode against an AI defender or challenge a friend to a match using Duel mode. Matches against a friend must be played on one device. Prepare for space combat! You can view the web page for this app here. Click here to view the app information in the App Store.

A Fashionable Start to the New Year!

Welcome 2019 and also welcome Magitech's newest universal app, Pocket Fashion. Create beautiful, funky or elegant outfits for the model and watch her strut her stuff on the runway. You have control over colour, stage effects, the model's hair and dozens of outfit options. Explore this fashion sandbox today! This iPhone/iPad app is available now. You can view the web page for this app here. Click here to view the app information in the App Store.

Show Your Passion for Fashion with Pocket Fashion!

It's been a busy year behind the scenes for Magitech Corporation. We've been hard at work updating apps as well as laying the foundation for several exciting new projects. We're now proud to announce the launch of Pocket Fashion, which is Magitech's newest universal app for the iPhone/iPad. Pocket Fashion is your gateway to a fashion sandbox with dozens of neat fashionable combinations from dresses to shoes to accessories. Watch the model strut her stuff on the stage that you design! Add stage effects such as falling snow, fog, black and white lighting or bokeh bubbles to add drama to the runway. Additional fashion packs can be purchased for even more combinations. From lingerie to swimwear to party outfits, dress the model to impress this holiday season! This app will be available in the App Store soon!

Bringing the party with a big update to Pocket Dance!

Magitech has been hard at work on several new projects as well as updates to existing apps. Our first release is a major update to Pocket Dance. This new update enhances the app with brand new high quality dance models, several new and improved dance moves as well as brand new clothing for the dancers. Our biggest new upgrade is the addition of the most fashionable colours with colour palettes that the user can switch between to make the dancers even more eye-catching. We hope that current users will enjoy this update and new users will love all the options to bring to life the music on their Apple device. Click here to view the web page for this app. Click here to view the product page in the App Store.