Sushi Flip

Find Tasty Matches to Win!

Released Aug-05-2021

Genre: Puzzle/Casual

Number of Players: 1

Platform: iPhone / iPad




Prepare for some flipping fun!

In Sushi Flip, you can train and test your memorization skills while enjoying a visual feast by finding matching pairs of sushi rolls. Featuring unique game modes and many kinds of delicious sushi, how many levels can you beat?


- A fun new take on the matching game genre

- Enjoy 5 different game modes including Sushi All where cards are revealed at the start of a game for a few seconds, testing your ability to remember the order and Sushi Falls where you must find matches line by line as a new line will fall onto the game board if you can't find a pair. When the game board fills up, you lose!

- Over 70 levels to play from all the game modes

- Several kinds of delicious sushi rolls to uncover. With lots of yummy kinds, you're sure to feel hungry after a few rounds!

- Can you impress the chef? After each game, win or lose, you'll receive a comment from the expressive female sushi chef. Try your best to make her proud as she has a lot that she can say about your performance!

- Train your brain with this game. Your memory is a tricky thing to maintain so keep your mind sharp by playing a few rounds. The order of sushi is always random so replayability is high

- Enjoy the variety of music that will enhance your game. Some songs will create a relaxing atmosphere and others will energize your experience with their upbeat nature

- Prepare your mind and stomach for a culinary journey into the world of sushi matching!

Six Game Modes:

Flip the cards two at a time and find matching pairs in a 4 x 6 grid.

*Sushi All:
Tap to start to reveal all the cards. Memorize quickly because when they flip back, you’ll have to find matching pairs.

*Sushi Boat:
Find matching pairs within a ring of sushi cards. If you don’t reveal a pair, the cards will move down to the next spot in the ring creating quite the challenge to keep track of card locations!

*Sushi Train:
Act quickly to make pairs as not making matches will cause the sushi cards to move down and begin to form a rectangular ring. Once the end of the train meets the start of the train and completes the ring, you’ll lose!

*Sushi Falls:
Find sushi pairs line by line quickly as each failure brings down a new line of cards. You start with one line and a failure once six lines have descended, will spell the end to your culinary journey!

*Sushi Dragon:
Tap the cards to reveal sushi pairs starting with four card options. If you fail to reveal a pair, one new card will be added to the play area and will move all the cards over a spot, slowly filling in the empty board. If the game board fills up, it’s game over!