Here are some of the few items available in the game
Chan Guo Che was a history book about Chan Guo period and was detailed in diplomat tactics and politics.
Horse of Lighting, Tsao Tsao's carrier, is a speedy horse. Tsao Tsao rode this horse and got ahead of the Han emperor and nobody dared to question his insult to the emperor. General who gain this horse can gain 2 points of leadership and 5 points of combat skill bonus.
This weapon can increase the general's combat skill by 3.

Emperor's Bow was made of gold and gems. It was taken from the Han emperor by Tsao Tsao to show off Tsao's power and diminish Han's popularity. This bow can increase the general's leadership by 5 points.


An ancient Chinese sword said to be used by God. General with this sword can decrease enemy's morale when stricking them. Legend says it also can heal the owner during a combat, but no one has witnessed it.
These are a few abilities available to you generals
-Grants the division units the ability to set trees on fire.
-Raises morale of affected friendly units


-Stops enemy affected divisions from recieving new orders


-Decreases morale of affected enemy units
-Raises health of affected friendly units