Hook Formation

Deploy the army in a reversed U shape formation. Keep the main force, mostly infantries, in the centre and use the sides to delay the enemy or to protect our flanks. This is a moderate defensive formation which can also be used for frontal assault.

Use this formation when you want to attack the enemy while they are weak in the center. This formation assigns one division from your left and right flank to your center in order to reenforce your assult on the enemy center. When engaging, you will have better odds with a 5:3 division ratio against the enemies in the center of most formations. Your flanks will be on defense and their job is to eliminate or slow down enemy divisions that tries to flank your army or reach your HQ. When your center starts engaging with the enemy center, the enemy flanks will still need to move forward to engage with your flanks. By the time the outnumbered enemy flanks engages with your flanks, your center will been able to break the enemy center and rush the enemy HQ.