Double Horn Formation

Deploy strike forces in both horns and form a bull's horn shape. It is a basic attack formation that uses the horns to flank the enemy from both sides. At the same time, it keeps a moderate defensive force in the center to prevent center penetration by the enemy.

Use this formation when you want to attack and you have the advantage on the enemy on both flanks. This formation divides your force into three groups with three divisions each. Each group's position is setup in a way such that it can move freely without being attached to other groups. The key to using this formation is while one group is under attack, you can use the other two groups for support or to rush the enemy HQ. For example, 1) If enemy attacks the center, both flanks can crush the enemy from the side. 2) If the enemy attacks your left group, pull the left group down to form a line for defense. Use the center group to attack the enemy group that is attacking your left group from the side. Use the right group to rush the enemy HQ.